DR Technologie - Ingéniérie
DR Technologie - Ingéniérie

DR Technologie is a French engineering company. We provide technical solutions for safety and health at work adapted to our client's needs.



Our business


DR TECHNOLOGY offers an engineering service which fits to the specific needs of companies.
Some examples of know-hows:

transfer and storage slipcovers for nuclear industry
• security packs installed inside the banks
• slipcovers for the protection of cultural masterpieces
• building facilities for the pharmaceutical industry
• temporary and permanent storage for aeronautics industry
• silos and storage for the communities services.


Our research department is at your service; we focus on your needs and offer you the best tailored solutions.

Our expertise and our network enable us to support you in :
• environmental protection: prevention of pollution and protection of the environment
• safety: detection system, local protections
professional hazard: noise, vibrations, dust, radiation, strenuousness
• fire safety: cantonment,
prevention, protection systems for goods, building and last but not least people.








Since 2009, we support our customers in many domains:

• industrial reorganization

• Process optimization
• Quality management; environment and safety management
• implementation of safety systems
• R & D projects
• customization of our expertise






We also assist companies in all aspects related to safety and health at work:

• Process Safety

• Acoustic

• arduousness

• fire safety

• occupational hazards




We search, choose and propose the best technical equipments dedicated to safety improvements.




To improve corporate safety and security We provide our customers a large range of innovative equipment enabling to optimize risk prevention:

Flexible Industrial Protection

The Pro-Tek membrane



High Tech Membranes

We have developped a inovative range of products based on our great know how about membranes production.

With more than 70 different membranes, we can propose the best solution to our clients.

Fully adapted to their need.


Evacuation - Action




During an evacuation it is essential that the people in charge of the organization are effectively protected and easily recognizable.

To improve the safety and the efficency of people in charge of evacuation management,, we offer a wide range of innovative tools and equipments.



During an intervention to fight against a disaster, it is essential that persons involved be trained and protected. It is also necessary that they are easily identifiable.
To improve safety and intervention efficiency in a disaster, We provide a range of innovative equipment:

















phone : 00 33 6 25 23 79 58

mail : contact@dr-technologie.com




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